11th December 10:

Amazing, 2 years ago our B litter was born. Happy Birthday! Thanks to all for the many birthday greetings!

21st & 22nd August 10:

National & International Dogshow in Leipzig

On Saturday Tiggy was entered under judge Mr Bruse, on Sunday Tabby was entered under judge Ms Hollweg. Here are our respectable results:


Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City (Tiggy) V1 CAC & VDH CAC                                  Tabouli v.h. Lamslag (Tabby) V2 res-CAC & res VDH CAC

31st July & 1st August 2010

CACIB Bremen 31st July:

Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City was entered in the intermediate class from which he won his first ticket with Exc. 1 at a German international show to go towards his German Championship. Thanks go to judge Zsusanna Petik. We were only entered on Saturday as we had important things to do at home on Sunday. We are very pleased that following Tigger's first attempt resulting in Exc 2 and a reserve ticket at the CACIB Neumünster we were able to get the ticket so quickly. We are attending very few shows this year and so are very pleased with our consistently good results.

VK Clubwinner's Show on 31st July & 1st August:

Tabouli v.h. Lamslag gained an Exc. 2 reserve Ticket on Saturday and an Exc 1. with a ticket on Sunday. Thanks Elke for allowing yourself to be owned by Tabby for the weekend and for taking such good care of her!

4th July 2010

VK County Winners Show - Mecklenburg Vorpommern 

Our sweet German and Bulgarian Champion Tabouli v.h. Lamslag gained a CAC became BOS and County Winner Mecklenburg Vorpommern under judge Mr. Peterburs.

Her mother Mariet gained this title 2 years ago and so it is very special to us.

Tabouli's son Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City gained his second CAC towards his German championship.


This weekend provided some relief to the profound sadness we feel about the passing of our good friend Mr. Ernst Wittig who loved our dogs so dearly.





15th May 2010:


VK County Winners Show - Brandenburg Süd in Gosen



Bella (Hazelhope's Better than Christmas - left in the photo) gained her second Ticket towards her German Championship. Congratulations Anne & Sonny!

Tigger (Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City) gained a second with reserve ticket.



 We're having a lot of fun with our brother/sister team! :)





10th May 2010:

Spring Break!


On the 6th & 7th May Tabby (Ch. Tabouli v.h. Lamslag) and her son Tigger (Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City) participated in the CACIB Sofia, Bulgaria for the first time. Some refer to this show as a "Cavaliers walk in the park". But not this time, we had some outstanding competition!


We are very proud that we managed to gain 3 CACIBs in only 2 days taking two new Bulgarian Champions home with us. On the 6th May Tigger won CACIB and BOB. Tabby won CACIB and BOS on both days. At only 16 months of age this makes Tigger our first homebred champion, enabling him to start in junior, intermediate, open and champion classes. His first CACIB puts him in an excellent position for the future.




above: Ch. Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City winning CACIB & BOB                                                                                  above: Ch. Tabouli v.h. Lamslag, 2X CACIB & BOS

Huge thanks to the many helpers who made it possible for us to make this trip. Thanks too, to judges Zlatina Davidovska and Miguel Martinez.


31st March 2010:

Today two years ago our first cavalier litter was born. It was four tricolour puppies, two boys and two girls, born without complications. It was a unique experience, as nothing is as wonderful as your very own first litter. I have had the great fortune to have placed these puppies with wonderful owners. I wish you many more years to enjoy with your furchildren. In the photo is "Finney" Hazelhope's Affinity Love Bug. She was the smallest in the litter and is now a strong young lady. Finney lives with her little sister from our second litter in Berlin. As such I was able to enjoy witnessing both pups grow up.



 27th March 2010:

 1st CAC Show VK Ortsgruppe Berliner Umland. 


Bella's (Hazelhope's Better Than Christmas) first entry in the intermediate class with her owner Anne, results in Excellent 1. and her first ticket towards her championship. Congratulations, I am very proud of you! 

Tigger's (Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City) first entry in the intermediate class results in Excellent 1. with his first ticket towards his championship plus Best Adult Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed.   


left: Bella, below: Tigger  






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