About Hazelhope's:

The prefix Hazelhope's is formed from two words: "hazel" being part of the English meaning of my mother's maiden name being "a family that lives in a valley full of hazel trees" and the word "hope". Which stands for all the hopes we have for our dogs.

Our brood bitches are most importantly members of our family. As such we are selfish and plan only a few litters for our own indulgence. Our dogs live indoors with us with rabbits and birds, are friends with cats and many other dogs, We enjoy the excitement of the city and the peace of the countryside. We regularly show our dogs out of interest for the development of the breed, but spend most of our time enjoying each others company.

Hazelhope's is a registered kennel of the VK (German Association of Toy Dog breeders), member of the VDH (German Kennel Club) and the FCI. As such we follow strict breeding protocols and health testing regulations.

We hope you enjoy surfing through our website and hope to have inspired you to find out more about this fabulous breed.

your sincerely,

Katherine Rummery

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