Ch. Tabouli van het Lamslag

German Champion, Bulgarian Champion, County Winner Berlin Brandenburg, County Winner Mecklenburg Vorpommern

Dam: Ch. Mariet van het Lamslag, Sire: JCh. Miletree Macadee

click here for Tabby's pedigree and pictures of her ancestors


Tabby  is the daughter of our lovely Mariet and of the gorgeous Miletree Macadee, born in the Lamslag kennel she was coveted by many, but finally Tabby came to live with her mum. Tabby was quick to make herself at home. Her favourite past time is definately inherited from her mother: butterfly chasing. Her second favourite past time is collecting toys, her third is cuddling, although given the opportunity cuddling would be number one.  Tabby is the mother of our second cavalier litter. A super litter of 4 boys and a girl. Of this litter we have kep her son "Tigger". Tabby has only been shown on a very limited basis but has been very successful. She is a German and Bulgarian champion and has 2 CACIBs. 



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