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Why show a dog?

Dog shows are very important for the various dog breeds which exist. At a dog show dogs are compared to the relevant breed standard and are evaluated in accordance to how they match this standard. Through this you can get a good idea how your dog fits the standard. As different judges can set different emphasis on breed characteristics, it is useful to have your dog evaluated more than once.

Dog shows are also the place where you can get a better look at a stud dog you might be considering as a sire. You can also see how the offspring of certain combinations has turned out, and although this is no guarantee for the quality of future offspring you can at least see what is possible. Finally dog shows serve as an indicator which shows in which direction the development of a breed is going and whether it is useful to continue along this path, or if a change of direction is needed.


Tabouli v.h. Lamslag at a show



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