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08. November 09

We had a lovely weekend at the two day VK show in Neussen. Tigger and his sister Bella were both shown - with excellent results! On Saturday Tigger (Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City) won the junior class out of four juniors, giving him the last ticket, making him the first German Junior Champion we have ever bred! Bella's (Hazelhope's Better Than Christmas) ringcraft improved considerably giving her a reserve ticket towards the title German Junior Champion. Thanks to Judge Jens Bruse!


                                                                                                                Hazelhope's Better Than Christmas 2 X Exc 2 res JCAC                                                     Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City 2X Ex1 JCAC

But the day was not over yet, and to our great joy Tigger then became Best Junior in Show! (16 participating breeds) Thanks to judge Elfriede Heidecker!

On Sunday the breed judge was Elfriede Heidecker. Again Tigger won his class gaining a further ticket and Bella came second with a reserve ticket. Thanks especially to Ms Heidecker for her lovely encouraging words about our dogs. And with that the day still wasn't over....

Tigger then gained a 3rd place in the competition for Best Junior in Show! Thanks to judge Jens Bruse!

What a lovely weekend celebration of our "homegrowns"!

27th September 09


On Sunday we were very lucky to be able to attend a show which was for once less than an hour away from us. We travelled to Gosen for the annual show of our local Club. Tigger (Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City) was joined by his little sister Bella (Hazelhope's Better Than Christmas) both entered in the junior class. Tigger gained another ticket towards the title German Junior Champion and the title County Junior Winner Berlin Brandenburg Nord. With this he already has two of the three required tickets for the title German Junior Champion and that aged only 9 months and two weeks. Bella had her very first show appearance and was very excited. She did well despite her excitement gaining a reserve ticket towards the title German Junior Champion. Well done Sonny and Bella!


Thanks to judge Ms Biala Gauss.








On the right: our new County Junior Winner, as usual his tail was too fast for the camera !


 22nd September 09


Today, 6 years ago a little blenheim girl called Mariet was born in the Netherlands. Actually Mariet was supposed to spend her life where she was born, but with a lot of persuasion and waiting, it was possible for her to come and join us in Germany. Quickly she made herself at home snd set to task making new friends. She was quite a success at the shows, quickly finishing her German and German Kennel Club Championships. She enjoyed nothing more than getting in the ring to strut her stuff - an attitude she has passed on to her daughters and her grandchildren. It was actually planned for Mariet to continue here as a brood bitch, but a horrible illness gave us a massive fright early this year. It was clear, that should Mariet survive, she would never have to experience the strain of having puppies again. Thank goodness Mariet survived, and so we can continue to enjoy her most charming company. She has also  started a new career as a grandma, a role she has taken to like a fish to water.  It is difficult to explain the gratitude I feel to this little girl and the joy of celebrating her birthday.

There are many reasons for us to be grateful to Mariet. As a brood bitch she had two litters with a total of 8 puppies. Of these puppies four are pleasing their owners as Champions. Without Mariet, there would be no Tabby and no Tigger - a very empty home. Without Mariet I would not have learned what it really means to love a dog. Here's to Mariet and many Happy Birthdays after this!   

Left: Mariet in August - making friends and influencing people 


Below: 4 Champions in one litter! One of which (Tabouli) lives here with her mum:








DE Champion Tabouli v.h. Lamslag              Can. & AKC Ch. Ticoya v.h. Lamslag           Ch. of Ch. & PL. Ch. Tobiola v.h. Lamslag           AKC Ch. Tunice v.h. Lamslag

19th September 09


mirror, mirror on the wall...

13th September 09



On Sunday Tigger (Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City) gave me an early Birthday present. We had entered him in the junior class at the German Kennel Club's National Show in Leipzig. The minimum entry age for the class is 9 months - Tigger was exactly 9 months and one whole day old for his debut in the junior class. There were 7 junior dogs entered in the class, and much to our surprise Tigger won the class, gaining his first ticket towards to title German Junior Champion. Despite his standard Tigger bouncing he managed to convince the judge that he was worthy as the youngest entry by far.

Naturally we are exceptionally proud of this debut and extend great thanks to judge Jens Bruse.

On the left is Tigger aged 9 months and two whole days! (He thought it important I tell you that :))





29th & 30th August 09 


On Saturday Tabouli travelled to Hannover-Isernhagen for her first attempt to complete her German Championship and to meet her son Tony (Hazelhope's Baton Rouge) with his family. Tony was quite aware that he was there to cheer his mum on. Tony's cheering helped and Tabby won the ticket on Saturday under Judge Gabriele Runge making her a new German Champion. A performance she repeated on Sunday under Judge Karin Biala Gauss. As always it was wonderful to meet one of our prodigy once more and to see how he has got on. Tony has done very well, his owners and I are very proud of him.

Tabouli is now the fourth daughter from Mariet's litter with Miletree Macadee to become a champion - her win is also a celebration of her wonderful mother Mariet of whom we are so proud.

I would like to thank Tony's owners, the judges and the helpers who gave us such a lovely weekend.


24th August 09 

It's been a busy doggy week with our second visitor "Scotty" from our first litter coming to stay this week. Scotty "Hazelhope's Absolute Cracker Jack" is one of 4 puppies born early last year by My Exotic World Tennessee Walker x Nigella vom Rötepfuhl. Currently 16 months old he is a charming little boy who is in love with our "grandma" Mariet. Speaking of our first litter - we received some lovely photos of Scotty's sister Finney (Hazelhope's Affinity Love Bug) who lives with Bella (Hazelhope's Better than Christmas) with her lovely doggy parents in Berlin. You can find the pictures on our puppy page in the photo show - "growing up". Have a look and see if you can spot them. In the mean time here is Scotty busy being a sweetheart.



17th August 09 

What a lovely afternoon. Hazelhope's Bright Bourbon aka Jamie came to visit. He was immediately welcomed by his family, even grandma Mariet was happy to welcome him home again. Tigger and Jamie behaved as if joined at the hip. But see for yourselves... 

and we're off!




15th August 09

Hello from Scotty a.k.a. "Hazelhope's Absolute Cracker Jack" enjoying a family holiday in Norway. We look forward to seeing Scotty back "home" soon.

1st & 2nd August 09

Our whole doggy family travelled south to the Club Winners Show of the German Toy Dog association. We had a lovely time. The weather was glorious, the sun beating down outside, while the hall remained cool. We had lovely company and results we are quite proud of. The dogs had a lot of fun playing with other dogs and chasing butterflies in the sun, who says dogs shows are stressful?

"Tigger" Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City enjoying the sun in the meadow of the show grounds, aged almost 8 months old.


2 X excellent and reserve CAC for Tabouli v.h. Lamslag                                 2 X very promising and BPIB for Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City

Mariet v.h. Lamslag

Mariet joined us in great health and enjoyed the weekend just as much as all of us. She has made a marvellous recovery and with this picture we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all friends near and far who supported us during Mariet's health scare earlier in the year. Thank you! and thank you Mariet!

26th July 09

25th July 09

weatherproof cavaliers


11th & 12th July 09




Tigger left the lady folk at home and travelled to Pfaffenhofen just north of Munich for a two day show of the German Toy Dog Association. Held in the grounds of a horse race track it was a lovely setting and even lovelier company crowned by success for both boys. Tigger just having turned 7 months was evaluated twice in the puppy class with "very promising" and on both days came reserve Best Puppy in Show behind a lovely Shih Tzu.  We are hugely grateful to judges Ms Garhöfer and Mr Bruse and to the organisers of the show who made us so welcome.

12th & 13th June 09

Tabouli v.h. Lamslag

Welcome back Tabouli! This weekend Tabouli and Tigger were all at the same show in Erfurt, with a national show on Saturday and an international show on Sunday. The weekend went very well for us. On Saturday Tigger won the puppy class with the evaulation "very promising", Tabby gained second place and reserve ticket in the open class. This was Tabouli's debut after her maternity leave. On Sunday Tigger was alone in the puppy class and gained the evaluation "very promising" from judge H. Heim who was very strict indeed. This evaluation makes us very proud.  Tabouli won the open class with her first ticket from an international show.  

7th June 09

Hazelhope's Bright Lights Big City (Tigger) almost 6 months old

This Sunday was Tigger's debut in the show ring and the first time I had entered the show ring after a 7 month break. Tigger started in the puppy class at the annual CCD Clubwinner Show (entry 58). Tigger did us proud winning the puppy class with the evaluation "very promising" and a lovely report from Judge Mr Siemonsmeier.

29th May 09

AKC Ch. Tunice v.h. Lamslag

HOORAY!!!!! We have just received news that Tunice v.h. Lamslag has become an AKC Champion - Tunice is the daughter of our Mariet, and litter sister to our Tabouli - that makes the total tally of champions from that one litter to three. The other champions are Canadian Champion Ticoya v.h. Lamslag and Polish Champion, Polish Junior Champion and Champion of Champions Tobiola v.h. Lamslag. Due to German regulations Tabouli will need to wait to finish her championship until later this year. It is such a priviledge to own our Mariet the mother of these lovely girls, she charms us every day. It is a further priviledge to own Tabouli who has come from such an even litter, every breeders dream.  


19th April 09

Jamie (Junior) came for a visit. Tigger and he were joined at the hip as if they had never gone their separate ways.



09th April 09

 Tabby and Tigger are sure now, spring is finally here!

31st March 09

One year ago today our first litter was born! Happy Birthday little ones.

27th February 09



01st January 09


Well done Mariet! In 2008 our girl were only shown a few times. With only 12 show entries, Mariet gained the following: 3 BOS, 8 championship tickets, 2 reserve tickets, 1 CACIB, 1 reserve CACIB. She further completed the requirements for her VDH Champion and gained following titles: County Winner Mecklenburg Vorpommern, County Winner Sachsen and Winner Stettin.

Well done Tabouli! Tabby joined us in August 08, and like her mother Mariet, was only shown on a very limited basis. Despite this little Tabby gained the following, with only 7 show entries!: 2 BOS, 4 championship tickets, 3 reserve tickets and the title County Winner Berlin & Brandenburg.

Tabby also became a mum this December, making Mariet a grandmother and Jamie a proud father. She gave birth to 5 beautiful and very promising puppies without complications. We are enjoying raising these naughty little children immensely, and look foward to seeing one or the other in the show ring next year.





































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