Ch. Mariet van het Lamslag

VDH Champion, German Champion, County Winner Mecklenburg Vorpommern, County Winner Sachsen

Dam: Ch. Michelle van het Lamslag, Sire: Int. Ch. Pascavale Designed

click here for Mariet's pedigree and pictures of her ancestors and her puppies



Mariet is a quiet patient girl who is also very inquisitive and has a cheeky streak in her. From the litter in which she was born, Mariet was the only one who stayed with her breeder Hans Boelaars and was always something very special.  It took a certain level of persistance to enable Mariet to come to Germany.

Mariet has already achieved a lot in her life. She has given birth to 9 excellent puppies. In autumn 2006 she first went in to the show ring. With very limited showing Mariet gained two tickets to the title German Champion. She also astounded us by gaining 2nd Place in the open class at the World Dog Show 2006 in Poznan. Astounded, as she had very little show experience, and there were also 23 other beautiful bitches in the class.Once she had moved to us she finished her German Championship in the record time of 1 year and 3 days. Unfortunately Mariet suffered from pyometra and had to be spayed. Aged 6 yeears she still has a sound heart. We look forward to many more years with her.


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